Sunset blue

The journey


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This step will be available soon, stay connected to be aware of the evolution of our journey!


Welcome everyone, let's embark with me for a journey!

During the last two years, I have worked on a new album called Sunset Blue and now available!

This LP embodies in music everything I’ve experienced, from introspective moments to amazing nights with you on tour.

The Sunset Blue journey is now over, but you can still watch the interviews on the map (the complete video is also available on Youtube).

See you soon on the tour!


Welcome to Rome, where I will be able to explain how much Italia is important in my music.

Italia is a beaufitful country and has an extraordinary culture that I always had around me growing up. The language, the history, everything about it is part of my artistic landscape. I love going there and exploring, the scenery is always amazing. You can hear in my music that I love Italia, for sure. I started to make a kind of music that sounds like myself, when I decided to stand by this italian influence and use it in my composition process.


Welcome to Algeria, the last step of our journey.

I haven’t talked about it a lot, but I have some roots in Algeria, through my father’s blood.

Up until recently, I had never visited and it seemed like a foreign place. During the creation of Sunset Blue, I went to Algeria, I went to the desert and it was a life changing experience. I felt a deep sense of connection and I realized how important is it for my music, for my culture and for myself. It’s a really rich and interesting country that I want to share with the world, with you.

I am closing this journey here, hoping that you now have all the keys to understand Sunset Blue completely, like it was created… I hope you’ll like it and I am looking forward to see you on tour!


Let me take you to Istanbul now, an incredible city.

I have so many fond memories there. The first time I felt like an international artist was on stage in Turkey, it was an unbelievable experience. People here are amazing in live shows, the atmosphere is always unique. I feel like Istanbul is a cultural crossroads in the Mediterranean area, it has such a fascinating culture and history, it’s a blend of different cultures, cuisine, sounds… I think it sums up perfectly what I say.


Welcome to the “Island of Beauty”: Corsica is the second step of this journey.

I spent the first few years of my life in Corsica, it’s one of the most beautiful natural places I have a memory of. Even if it’s a bit blurred in my memory, it still represents childhood, family and happiness to me. The beauty of the mountains, the maquis and natural beaches. It’s not the French Riviera, but it's a huge part of my visual universe. It is so important to me that I even named a song of Sunset Blue after it… Find all about it in the video.


Welcome to Barcelona, our next step and the place that cemented my need to become an artist.

Barcelona is a place that vibrates with creativity and energy. When you’re from Marseille, it symbolizes the first taste of independence when you go on vacations with friends. For me, it’s also the place where I discovered music festivals and opened my ears to so many different kinds of music and vibes. I love the colorful streets and unique nightlife. Find out in the video how it helped me discover that I wanted to be an artist and be on stage.


Welcome to Marseille, the very first city of our trip!

Marseille is the first place in our journey because it’s such an important part of me and my music. Marseille is my home, I live here, I take so much inspiration from it, from the landscapes, the vibes, the people… Everything I love & treasure is here. Whenever I’m away, I find myself longing for the city. I know that you can find a lot of Marseille in my music, and not just the sunny vibes. It’s a core part of my artistic DNA and I hope you get to explore this fascinating place.